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Coin validator RM5 Comestero front panel

Front panel for Comestero coin validator RM5 suitable for Cyberdine Dart NEW! Also suitable for KARELLA E-MASTER and X-Dart machines, as well as other machines such as car washes, photo, boxer, etc.
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RM5 Comestero coin acceptor

Coin validator acceptor Comestero RM5 -coin output at the front NEW NEW! Suitable for washing systems, grippers, boxer boxing machines, etc. Programmed on Euro coins: 50 cents=1 credit, 1 euro = 2 loans 2 euros = 4 credits Please contact us before ordering and send a picture of your coin acceptor.
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Coin validator for Boxer boxing machines,

programmed in euros: 50 cents, 1 euro and 2 euros

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