Matrix for lion darts
Matrix for lion darts

Matrix Lion Dart 20 PIN Premium

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PREMIUM sensor contact matrix MATRIX Löwen Dart Valley NSM Royal86 FM90 SM92/94 HB8 HB9

The GREEN version

Suitable for: Amatic Dart, Magic Dart, Kings Dart, Party Dart, Radical Dart, Inter Therm Dart, Cobra Dart, Fun Dart.

ATTENTION: Please remember that the old rubber mat should also be replaced with the defective matrix.

Matrix connector 20 PINS (2+16+2)

RRP: €139.00 = only €119.00


Sensor contact matrix MATRIX Löwen Dart Valley NSM Royal86 FM90 SM92 SM94 HB8 HB9

Contact matrix for Löwen dart machines NSM Valley- NEW!!!

Green version with increased silver content in the sensor contacts, which significantly improves the quality. ONLY available from us.

Very good quality, with the black plug that doesn't come apart like the blue one.

The matrix is suitable for all Löwen darts that have a dart board with 2 rows of holes in the narrow fields (double and triple).

These are: Löwen Royal Darts SM86, Löwen Tournament Darts SM89, SM92, SM94, HB6, HB8, HB9.

(Dart devices with Quadro dart discs e.g. VISION Löwen Dart, Dart2000 or HB8 need a different matrix! One with 23 PINS!)

The matrix is self-adhesive and is stuck onto the location of the old matrix.

DANGER: Please remember that the inexpensive rubber mat (only 18 euros) should be installed with the matrix. Otherwise the new matrix will break more quickly.

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