X Dart © standing device
X Dart © standing device
X Dart © standing device
X Dart © standing device
X Dart © standing device
X Dart © standing device

- X DARTS dart machine white HOME

Delivery time: 2 - 5 working days
Tax included Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks

X DARTS in white HOME EDITION (without coin insert)

New dimension of fun electronic dart game

X Darts characteristics > excellent performance with small transport dimensions (the only device on the market that is both easy to transport,
as well as a fixed stand-alone device).
FULL LED technology


Premium features

Technologically advanced and attractively designed X Darts accepts no compromises

In total there are over 300 different games and options and the use of LED technology ensures low energy consumption. The technical implementation of electronic darts offers small transport dimensions (easy assembly and transport).

  • FULL LED technology (low energy consumption).
  • Transport dimensions (for easy assembly and transport)
  • Lightweight dartboard replacement for steel arrows (X DARTS STEEL)

X darts characteristics

Dartboard (target) Triple (triple)


or quadro


  • Automatic player substitution
  • Automatic removal of missed arrows
  • Light signaling
  • Sound signaling
  • Multilingual voice effects
  • Electronic and mechanical dial with easy reading
  • Electronic general ledger accounting
  • Electronic auxiliary bookkeeping with reading without opening dart
  • Single (both centers 50) and double centers (25-50)
  • Advertising in demo mode
  • Locking of credits with the key or with various coin validators, possibility of locking of credits with the remote control
  • Double security for coins or tokens, metal gates + metal rails
  • Contest
  • Wall and standing version
  • 8 players, 8 crickets
  • Easy to test and set game parameters and game prices
  • FAIR PLAY option - EQUAL (same circle number for everyone) and PLAY OFF (players with the same number of points)
  • Simple setup of default values
  • Attractive demo fashion
  • Attract melody
  • The choice of darts in black or gold color
  • FREE PLAY - PLAY - Ability to set up free games for tournaments, promotions, personal use...
  • END - a new FAIR PLAY option, all players will play until the end or until the last round
  • New games: Run & Gun, Random Cricket, Cricket Pick-IT, Mix Up Cricket, 901
  • New options for 01 games and 301 PARCHESSI: Pair, End
  • New options for cricket games: Master, No Score, Pair
  • Total approximately 300 different games and options
  • Better lighting with LED lights and longer lifespan (50,000 hours duration)
  • Better lighting behind numbers around the dartboard (target) with LED backlight and longer lifespan (50,000 hours duration)
  • New attractive design display and possibility of changing cricket numbers
  • With LED lamps and LED backlight, we reduce the consumption of electricity a few times and extend the life of the light. That X Darts is more cost-effective and economical than the older darts


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